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90 Miles Across the West

Updated: Jun 28

6/15/2022 location: Arizona and Utah Terrain: desert, Mountainous Walking distance: 90 miles/ 145 Kilometers Temperature: 90-115F / 32-46C

Over the past 9 days, Learn Kernel (LK) has been carried across the west-facing high heat conditions and difficult terrain. This team consisted of volunteers and the Director of Business Development to test the Navigator Series along with numerous different climates that can be applicable to our overseas partners' environments.

While the LK device has been implemented in various similar climates around the world, our team wanted to test the Learn Kernel in a new situational environment. On this 90-mile journey Learn Kernel Director of Business Development and her volunteers would set off throughout the mountains, low-level plains, deserts, rivers, and forests.

The Learn Kernel Navigator was tested in all these environments to see how it withstood the durability test of different terrains. Including walking a few miles in water. The Learn Kernel also traveled to 9,600 feet (2,926 meters) above sea level.

The Navigator was found to be incredibly durable along the hike. The device was either placed in pant pockets or held onto by hand during the journey. This is because in real-world learning environments the users of the device would most likely have the Learn Kernel either placed in their pocket or using it to learn via their hands.

The Navigator was carried through 2 miles of the rushing river against the current and 2 miles with the current. While the device is not waterproof it was able to withstand the splashes of water from the river's current. It was not dropped in the river during this trip; however, the device was carried when climbing mountains.

The Learn Kernel team and volunteers found that the durability of the LK device enabled it to endure harsh climates, making it a strong dependable device for those in vulnerable environments. Aside from a few sand marks across the label, the Learn Kernel is fully functional, audible, and appealing just as it was prior to the 90-mile hike.

The Learn Kernel team would like to thank the volunteers that helped add to the resilience of the Learn Kernel device.

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