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Become a Partner or A Distributor

As a Learn Kernel partner you will help pave the way for Learn Kernel in your region. You will be entrusted to set up meetings with local suppliers as a distributor/ ambassador or develop your own programs directly with the Learn Kernel team. 

As our partner you will have the ability to be in charge of all the Learn Kernel devices within your region; controlling your chain of Learn Kernels into new markets. 

Become Our Partner
Implement Learn Kernel Devices In Your Program

Become Our  Ambassador

Work with us to help learners have easy access to information.

Become Our  Distributor

Work with us to allow educational organizations receive easy access to information.

How Our Partnership Works

Learn Kernel is looking for key individuals or organizations who are already a distributor of other product(s) within the 5 market areas: Education, Agriculture, Medical, Business and Training, or Governmental Information. The products a potential distributor is distributing may be similar to mobile devices, tablet-like devices, among other related products for use of training and delivering education.  Learn Kernel  may  also be a complementary device to another one of your products i.e., distributing textbooks would complement the distribution of Learn Kernel well in the education market.

As a Distributor, you will be responsible for securing your Learn Kernel devices into your markets or into new markets. This is done by having an inventory of Learn Kernels as you do with other products and selling the Learn Kernels out of your inventory.


As an Ambassador, you would have an interest in going out and building markets just as a distributor for Learn Kernel; however, you will have a part of the market territory that is yours or is shared with other individuals.  This market territory is yours to work; however, you do not own the territory.


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Become Our Partner Today

Get in contact with us today and start the process of becoming our partner.

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What Our Partner's Say:

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“We have been working together with Learn Kernel on this exciting technology for the Push-Pull and are in the process to expand it and incubate some start-ups here at ICIPE.  The Push-Pull technology has been implemented with farmers to help train them into new techniques to combat the Fall Army Worm crises for the maize crop in East Africa”

Dr. Saliou Niassy for ICIPE - International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology

Scientific Research Institute

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