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New Innovations

Learn Kernel Newsletter

Vol. 5 August 23 2022

Our New Website is Live

Over the past few months, we have been working to achieve our goal of increasing information circulation with our partners to decrease the digital and educational divide.

Our programs were developed around the need to deliver quality content quickly with no needed WiFi and at an affordable cost.

“Over the last few months, our team has been transforming the way our partner’s educational content is able to connect to youth and adult learners. With our Learn Kernel device, we help enable learners around the world to have access to quality education for equal opportunities without the need for Wi-Fi and at an affordable cost. It is more than words to emulate the excitement of our team and partner’s when a child is able to transform their livelihood.”

Director of Business Development & Market Coordinator Erica Potter



Our Devices

We are excited to announce our newest device the NavigatorPROMAX!

Like the NavigatorPRO; our NavigatorPROMAX comes equipped with a headphone Jack and headphones. Unlike any other devices, it is our hard case design that provides extreme durability for learners. Our hard case is designed in mind with our partners to meet their goal of high durability and affordability for informational messages. Just released ask us about our pilot programs!!



Last month Learn Kernel CEO and Director of Business Development met with officials in India to discuss the collaborations of the Learn Kernel device with universities.

On July 8th our Learn Kernel team joined Dr. Simran Kahai and her One Day International INDO-US workshop where she was the keynote speaker to multiple educational organizations currently in India. The workshop day was centered around lack of access to information and educational resources throughout the world and how new technology can bring about sustainability and lead to urban development. During the presentation we explained our innovative Learn Kernel device among the importance of its use for learner's in education.

3 men 1 women sitting at a table for a picture
Pictured left to right, Dr. Simran Kahai, President of JCU Alan R. Miciak, President of Asim Siddique Memorial College Naved Sayed, and Dean of Business School JCU Elad Granot. Photo credit to JCU.

Prior to the One Day International INDO-US workshop, Simran Kahai leader of the Global Business Entrepreneurship and Culture program signed a new program with John Carroll University (JCU) to help the marginalized population of the globe. This partnership with John Carroll and Asim Siddique Memorial College will work with the us as a technology partner to bring educational access to those in India colleges.

"As a director of Global Business Culture and Entrepreneurship Program, i will be leading a team of professors to impart global entrepreneurship knowledge in India. I am so proud to share that the president of John Carroll University has signed a MoU today to help 550,000 students in India....Thank you Learn Kernel for technology solutions."

Dr. Simran Kahai, Koch Professor of International Business JCU & Director of Global Business Entrepreneurship Program

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