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Growth & Resistance

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Learn Kernel Newsletter

June 4, 2022

"As of March 2022, 23 countries – home to over 400 million schoolchildren – have yet to fully open schools, with many children at risk of dropping out."

-UNICEF, 2022

Learn Kernel has been on a 90 mile journey to test its durability in multiple terrains across the western regions of America. To read the story click the button below.

Over the past 2 months, Learn Kernel has been working to achieve our goal of increasing information circulation with our partners to decrease the digital and educational divide.

What is Happening Now

A group of people posing for a photo
CEO and Founder of Learn Kernel with the Carpathian Foundation and partner PASS.

The Messenger Series

We are thrilled to announce our newest device the Messenger! It is similar to the other Learn Kernel devices; however, it is a smaller version of the Navigator Standard with the minimum feature of hold-to-play.

The messenger is designed in mind for our partners to meet their goal of quick informational messages.

Our CEO spent last month throughout Ukraine and Africa debuting the New Learn Kernel Messenger to our partners.


We have been steadfastly working with new partners in Ukraine and our hometown to help deliver access to information.

We are sending our first package of Navigator devices off to Ukraine that is conveying "DIY" critical wound care.

A women of congress holding the Learn Kernel device for Ukraine
Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur's

Congressman Marcy Kaptur's Office Response to Learn Kernel:

"The versatility and communication opportunities presented by portable and reloadable video devices seems limitless. I’m so pleased to have Learn Kernel, an Ohio company, providing one such communications solution to areas of need globally. I look forward to working with the company as it grows its presence around the world."

USAID and 300 pros

We have been working with USAID and their ABC+ Beginning Reading Program (BRP) to help disseminate early childhood education to those in K-3. We have added to the program by sending a couple of hundred NavigatorPro devices.

We are working to help achieve our partner's goals of "lifting up lives, strengthening communities, and achieving development goals" with education (ABC+ Connects). Our partnership launched on March 21, 2022, and will support the BRP-" a technology-based, reading intervention program" (ABC+ connect) that will use the Learn Kernel devices for reading instruction to struggling readers in Bicol, Western Visayas, and Maguindanao.

Kenya, Africa

Last month Learn Kernel CEO met with WFP officials out of Ethiopia to discuss potential collaborations of the Learn Kernel device.

Our CEO also met with ICIPE to further develop the LK device collaboration at their campus in Nairobi focusing on agricultural instruction and training.


We are excited to announce that we have expanded our program in Venezuela to the children of Canaima!! This is a very exciting moment for us as this is the first time children in Canaima have access to digital education! It is the hope of our partner to bring more updated information to the children and families of Canaima as well as those they are currently serving for socio-economic development on the island of Los Roques.

The Congo

We have been in ongoing discussions working with the government of DRC to increase and fulfill the goal of equal access to education via the Learn Kernel device.

Using Learn Kernels to teach valuable skills to

coffee farmers in Uganda

Learn Kernel partnered with Sawa World for their Uganda Coffee Project. This project aimed to "diversify and increase the income of youth from smallholder coffee farms" (Sawa).

The Learn Kernels have been used first among 200 coffee farmers in Central Uganda in partnership with UGACOF as an offline support learning tool.

Learn Kernel's were provided for 10 farmer groups in the form of 10 simple practical business skills in Central Uganda. These skills were taught through a 3-day training course, containing 14 business skills.

three African American men holding Learn Kernel devices
Both photos in this section are a credit to Sawa World

Become Our Partner

Learn Kernel Corp. 1715 Indian Wood Circle, Suite 200, Maumee, Ohio 43537

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