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A Look Back on 2021

A Forward Look into 2022

Over the past few months, Learn Kernel has been implemented its device over the globe. Over the past few months, Learn Kernel was the first tool many learners of rural and vulnerable communities received to pave the way for education. Learn Kernel has been implemented in the country of Honduras, the Philippines, Venezuela, Tanzania, Kenya, among others. Learn Kernel has created strong partnerships with its pilot program users.

On August 21, 2021, Learn Kernel’s CEO and Pilot Program Coordinator were able to join one of the many pilots throughout the world in Honduras and work with their ground communities to follow up on the success of the Learn Kernel Pilot Program.

With 7+ months of pilots, underway Learn Kernel has come out with its new addition the NavigatorPro™ to complete the positive results of the pilot programs.

Why Is This innovation

So Crucial for The Developing World?

Learn Kernel provides an unparalleled approach to those facing vulnerable positions for the implementation of a sustainable information system where both children and adults can learn crucial skills. This allows for a short-term increase in advanced skill learning and a long-term impact on economic growth and sustainability in developing countries. With Learn Kernels’ unique engineered hard cases, no Wi-Fi is needed for video play and affordability; this allows for even those in the most remote areas of the world to have access to a great education.


Functions of Learn Kernel Navigator:

  • Pause/Play

  • Rewind

  • Chapter Control

  • Patent

  • Video Encryption Safeguards

  • 3-5 button Function

  • Automatic on/off

  • Headphone jack

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