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Learn Kernel in Venezuela

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Learn Kernel has been dedicated to instituting the Learn Kernel devices into South America. Its first pilot program of South America was implemented in Venezuela with an organization called The Eroq-Project (Eroq). Eroq's mission is to advance the future of the "Archipelago Los Roques" island by teaching English to locals as a tool to "surpass communication barriers" and "promote the local development of the region through sustainable tourism" (eroq). Learn Kernel has been working with Eroq to transfer Eroq's adaptive English learning content onto the Learn Kernel Navigator standard devices. Los Roques has been hit hard by its low communication barrier due to lack of connectivity and proper bilingual education. Los Roques is a well-known island for tourism, popular among many countries to visit; however, of the travelers who visit Los Roques 63% of tourists speak English (eroq) . This makes the youth and adult natives to Los Roques difficult to find quality jobs on the island due to the communication barrier of Spanish versus English.

three male hispanic children looking with women teacher at Learn Kernel

Working with Learn Kernel, Valentina Narciso is the Program Manager for Learn Kernels into Los Roques.

"I am certain this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey” Valentina Narciso Program Manager

Valentina as well as the rest of the Eroq team are hopeful that Learn Kernel will be the device carrier they needed to transfer adaptive content to locals throughout the island.

The Eroq Project is currently collecting data from the Learn Kernel users on the island to assess the socio-economic impact level both the content and the Learn Kernel have on improving the status of locals on the island.

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