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We're creating the best mobile device to bring education and information to those in rural and vulnerable areas to change the way the world learns.

About Us

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Learn Kernel™ was founded with the primary goal of expanding access to information and education inside of communities, globally. We believe that leveraging innovative technology to improve information access can form the foundation for healthy and thriving communities. Learn Kernel is a technology-based education device that enables access to information inside of communities with various educational barriers. As such, Learn Kernel functions without internet access, making it extremely useful to those living in remote or rural communities.

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Often, the potential operational difficulties of information and communication technology are held up as evidence that this gap in information access cannot or should not be bridged. The Learn Kernel team believes these challenges should be explored and solved rather than dismissed out of hand. Learn Kernel works with the specific and often challenging circumstances of each unique community so that the planning and implementation of education technology initiatives can generate long-term success.

What We Are About


Education plays a major role in the development of individuals and society. We place high importance on bringing quality education to those who want to learn. 


We encourage each individual to build their mind open and full of their creative self. Imaginative youth and adult minds help bring the world into a new era of thinking. 


Having a strong community to support individuals is important to any learning atmosphere. We strive to embed strong and fruitful communities with the help of Learn Kernel and our partners. Our mission is to close the gap concerning the educational divide using our offline device for equal education to those worldwide.

Meet the Founders

ceo and foudner of learn kernel working with vouleenteers from NGO to load educational content

Learn Kernel started in Toledo, Ohio.

Located in the midwest of the United States of America, Toledo is known as the glass capital of the world. Toledo is home to America's farming and manufacturing industry and critical blue-collar workers to keep the U.S.A. running at top speed. In fact, the midwest was coined "Americas Heartland"  for its important role in the U.S.A. economy. 

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Building Relationships Through Education

Our mission is to form connections with those driven to heal educational gaps around the world.


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