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Learn Kernel

Learn Kernel started in Toledo, Ohio. Located in the Midwest of the United States of America, Toledo is known as the glass capital of the world and is home to America's farming and manufacturing industry and critical blue-collar workers to keep the U.S.A. running at top speed. In fact, the Midwest was coined "Americas Heartland"  for its important role in the U.S.A. economy. 

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Building Relationships Through Education

Our goal is to form connections with those driven to heal educational gaps around the world.


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Our Start in Africa

The Learn Kernel mission ...

To enable learners throughout the world to have equal access to information and educational content. Learn Kernel is an affordable tablet-like device used as an alternative to costly smartphones, laptops,  tablets, and Wi-Fi.

How We Were Developed ...


Learn Kernel™ was developed when Potter Development (our parent company)  saw the impact of the educational divide during COVID-19. With schools shut down, many kids in rural and impoverished areas worldwide were unable to go to school online and obtain the essential education required for their futures. Learn Kernel aims to close the gap concerning the educational divide using our offline device for equal educational opportunities to those worldwide.

Our team members have more than 10 years of experience working with our partners in humanitarian aid across Africa. Africa faces a need for structured education in many villages, this was even more apparent when COVID-19  closed many schools' doors. Amiss the global pandemic, children worldwide had an average loss of 74 school days due to closures and a lack of access to remote learning (GP). Before its onset, our team saw what was to be the future need for durable and affordable educational devices. Thus, during the lockdown, our team worked effortlessly to create a sustainable learning device that could accommodate our partners learning content through Africa.

Nearly 222 million children were out of school worldwide as of February 18th, 2021 (GP). Many institutions worldwide lack insufficient funding for crucial foundational education; such as basic math, grammar, history, and science, among many others.  As young learners miss critical foundations in learning, many are unable to obtain important skilled jobs. With these factors in mind, Learn Kernel seeks to provide viable learning that can help bring structured education to the lives of the young people of Africa.  


We are dedicated to working with our partners and their content to allow easy access to education and training. With the help of our partners we aim at making Learn Kernel readily available worldwide for those in vulnerable situations to have equal access to the same education other learners have around the world.  Thus, allowing everyone involved to shape the world into a better future.


Learn Kernel is Closely Aligned with the UN's 2030 Sustainability goals.

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