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Learn Kernel is Closely Aligned with the 

  UN's 2030 Sustainability goals.

Learn Kernel™ was developed when Potter Development saw the impact of the educational divide during COVID-19. With schools shut down, many kids in rural and impoverished areas worldwide were unable to go to school online and obtain the essential education required for their futures. Learn Kernel's mission is to close the gap concerning the educational divide using our offline device for equal education to those worldwide.


Economically Affordable

  • Learn Kernel was created with "affordability for all" in mind

  • To ensure every child around the world can receive equal access to quality educational content and the "Learn Kernel" program

  • Facilitate a low-cost tablet-like learning device to increase overall economic growth in youth and adults.

Quality Education

  • Learn Kernel is designed for easy implementation into all countries to digitize educational content and resources. Thus, providing educational devices to remote areas where Wi-Fi is limited or non-existence.

  • Learn Kernel seeks equitable solutions and universal access, fitting an array of online content provided by organizations for their educational programs.

  • Learn Kernel seeks to coordinate responses with its partners and facilitate the increase of educational response both in school settings and outside of school to avoid high dropout rates.


Reduced Inequality

  • Despite many positive signs of growth, inequality still rapidly exists among many nations. Since 2019, COVID-19 has deepened the existing inequality among the most vulnerable.

  • Learn Kernel helps reduce inequality with equal access to top tear education opportunities in a multitude of focus programs. such as school education, leadership, agriculture, and medical practices.

  • To close the gap between the social, political, and economic inequality worldwide.

  • To allow the youth to obtain the skills needed for skilled jobs and decrease unemployment and increase family income.

Combat Vulnerability

  • Worldwide there has been an increase in vulnerability, Learn Kernel seeks to close the vulnerability gap by promoting offline educational access to better the future for those in susceptible situations.

  • Learn Kernel aims to help reduce hunger, poverty and increase clean water and sanitation practices, economic growth, and climate action through the educational opportunities provided by the off-line affordable Learn kernel device.

  • With Learn Kernel youth and adults alike can learn in a group and individual setting with power and without power to increase their future and economic growth.


Industry Innovation

  • Learn Kernel aims at working with their partnerships to implement Learn Kernel devices in a myriad of educational verticals for youth and adults.

  • To empower the current workforce and the future generations for new innovations, infrastructure. Thus, allowing countries to develop into a sustainable and competitive economic workforce.

  • To facilitate new technology and promote economic growth in developing countries.

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Partnership for Goals

  • When it comes to creating a better world it is never a one-person job. That is why Learn Kernel looks towards working with NGOs and governments to implement affordable education worldwide.

  • Learn Kernel aims at making Learn Kernel readily available worldwide for those in vulnerable situations to have access to the same education others have around the world.

  • To facilitate secure and affordable education worldwide

  • To create strong partnerships to shape the world into a better future

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