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Learn Kernel is a tablet-like device that allows for the delivery of our partner's content into remote and austere environments to bring information to those who need it most. 

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See some of our  example partner projects below:


Your Information. Your Content. On Our Devices. We work with our partners to securely deliver their informative content to their users for easy and affordable education.

Look below to see some of our partners and how they use our nomadic Learn Kernel devices to implement their training and educational content. 

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ICIPE's mission is to help alleviate poverty, ensure food security and improve the overall health status of peoples of the tropics, by developing and extending management tools and strategies for harmful and useful arthropods, while preserving the natural resource base through research and capacity-building.

With Learn Kernel, ICIPE has been able to reach over 500+ small group farmers and convert them to the same agriculture process to avoid crop spoil. ICIPE has now moved onto its next phase of implementing 10,000 Learn Kernel devices to combat crop spoil.

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The USAID ABC+ project virtually launched its partnership with Learn Kernel on March 21, 2022. The partnership will support the ABC+ Beginning Reading Program (BRP), a technology-based, reading intervention program that partners with the national government to introduce innovations that will ensure learning continuity and improve literacy, including reading proficiency of early grade learners sates ABC+ Learning Connects.

With Learn Kernel,  our partners aim to uplift lives,  strengthen communities, and achieve their developmental goals. Our partners will pilot the use of Learn Kernel NavigatorPRO devices to deliver reading instruction to struggling K-3 readers in Bicol, Western Visayas, and Maguindanao.



Sawa World aims to end global poverty by providing access to employment for the many youth in local communities.


We are currently working with our partners to enable their content to train small farmers on the use of coffee beans. This training will allow for the success of coffee beans to be grown locally and create profit for many small farmers throughout Uganda. 



We have been working with our partner in Tanzania to  implement Learn Kernel devices for 5th and 6th graders with school approved content.

The Learn Kernel devices have allowed children to increase their educational metrics. Learn Kernel is currently working with its partner to expand  the devices further into Tanzania. 

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We have been working with our partner in Venezuela to implement Learn Kernel to locals living on the island of Los Rocos, including their jungle terrain.


The Learn Kernel devices are the first technology many natives have had the ability to work with. Both children and adults have been using the devices to improve their English literacy and communication to increase their sociological-economic stability  in the tourism market. 



We have been working with our partner in Honduras to improve the transfer between education and digital devices. We currently are in grades 3-9 in Honduras. 

Content has been disseminated via our partner and teaches children English, Spanish, Math, Science among other important content. 


We work globally with our partners from South America to Africa to Asia. Curious about where else we are doing work? Contact us today!!

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Learn Kernel is an affordable tablet-like device used as an alternative to costly smartphones, laptops,  tablets, and Wi-Fi.

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