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young children holding and using the Learn Kernel  for education

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Create sustainable programs in your communities by partnering with the Learn Kernel Team. 

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Learn about the features of our Navigator and Cruise Devices

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Develop a Partnership

Educate your community and build a lasting relationship with Learn Kernel


“We have been working together with Learn Kernel on this exciting technology for the Push-Pull and are in the process to expand it and incubate some start-ups here at ICIPE.  The Push-Pull technology has been implemented with farmers to help train them into new techniques to combat the Fall Army Worm crises for the maize crop in East Africa”

Dr. Saliou Niassy for ICIPE - International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology

Scientific Research Institute

Together, we can bring essential learning tools to the billions in need.

Innovative Education Technology

Learn Kernel™ is an innovative rechargeable, tablet-like device that makes access to information easier by solving the following problems:

  • Lack of Internet: Internet connectivity should not be a prerequisite to learning. Topic-specific videos are loaded via USB port for use in remote areas without WiFi access.​

  • Digital Divide: Utilizing strategic partnerships, we provide visual learning devices to close the gap between underprivileged members of society and education.

  • Affordability: Learn Kernel provides sustainable, cost-efficient devices as an alternative to expensive, unfavorable education resources like smartphones, tablets or laptops.

group of children using the learn kernel outside of a school room
young learn kernel users learning from the Learn Kernel outside of the school on the ground.
young children using the learn kernel for education by a school yard.
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Educational Solutions

Learners in vulnerable areas use our patented, tablet-like devices to better their future by:
  • Overcoming WIFI-dependent education barriers

  • Rewatch videos an unlimited amount of times

  • Lightweight, portable, convenient

  • Sustainability charging via solar power.

  • Headphone jack and volume control 

  • 2-hour playtime and battery life 

  • Encrypted content protection to prevent hacking 

  • Industry-specific content to fit the intended audience.

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Headphone Jack

Allow your learners to have full control over their learning environments with a head jack and volume control. 

Automatic play

Allow your learners to use automatic play for short learning/ training videos.

Button Function 

Allow your learners to use chapter control, rewind, and pause/play to better their learning experience 


"Learn Kernel has been a godsend"

John Godt, Founder, and CFO of Hope for Honduran Children

Education for the World

Learn Kernel™ is a tablet-like device focusing on the transfer of information of our partner's content. See a few ideas below for how the Learn Kernel has been implemented around the world. 


Honduras was one of the first pilot programs where Learn Kernel's were implemented in grades 3-9 to create sustainable information for educational learning materials. 

Our partners of USAID have been working in the Philippines to implement their Early Beginning Reading Program with the Learn Kernel's to help children K-3 have access to more information. 

Agriculture Learn Kernel has been working with  ICIPE in Kenya to create a roll-out program for agricultural information to farming communities and families, improving their overall production and profit while preventing crop spoil


Learn Kernel has worked with Sawa world in creating sustainable information access in Uganda to coffee growers. .

 Medical Our Learn Kernel's have been used in a variety of medical training purposes. Such as providing healthcare professionals with up-to-date medical information and training to evolve data, assist the vulnerable, and improve overall public health.

Business™ offers an introduction to fundamental aspects of business knowledge to help employers and employees get the most out of their professional life and further develop their business skills.

InfoGOV™ helps to facilitate the necessary communication of local governments with their citizens.

Nearly 70% of the world's population remains in poverty living off $10 or less a day.
Pew Research Center 
Female Learn Kernel worker taking a picture with ngo organization in honduras