female hispanic volunteer teaching you males how to use the learn kernel device

Sponsor a Program

Learn Kernel Sponsor a Program is for nongovernmental organizations (NGO's) and governments and other sectors of similar style that want to bring Learn Kernels into their communities.  To be part of this partnership you must have or be able to develop a new program where Learn Kernels can benefit your communities.  

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How Sponser a Program Works 

Learn Kernel has numerous partnerships with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and governments to help implement Learn Kernel into key markets. Sponsor a program works by the Learn Kernel team working directly with NGOs and governments to develop and program that fits the needs of each community with a positive impact on the Learn Kernel. 

This program development can include fixable solutions for on-the-ground implementers of Learn Kernel, electricity solving, content and video editing assistance,  as well as program development and initiation. To Sponsor a Program your organization must be able to provide or work with the Learn Kernel team to build a usable program and have the financing to support the implementation of Learn Kernels. 

Learn Kernel is a mobile device that does not require the use of the internet to disseminate information. Learn Kernel is able to charge with traditional charging units or by solar power. Moreover, Learn Kernel is dedicated to developing sustainable programs where the Learn Kernels can be repurposed. Learn more here. 

Learn Kernel is currently located on 4 continents and is in 12 + countries and fastly growing. Learn Kernel wants to create a long-lasting partnership with you to provide a sustainable way to bridge the educational divide and learn: anytime, anywhere"