young mixed female child reciving a Coronavirus Test


MedLINK™ is designed to educate communities and families about important health issues through our accessible offline device. MedLINK facilitates access to medical education and training in rural or remote areas. With this information-sharing technology, communities can increase disease prevention, nourish communities, and develop better access to Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). MedLINK is also a valuable technology for those already inside the medical community. It can keep medical professionals and local aid workers informed, advance preventative medicine, and improve the community’s relationship to key public health issues.


Keeping Up to Date

Having up-to-date medical information and resources is crucial for all countries, especially those who are vulnerable to disease outbreaks and other public health difficulties. MedLINK is also a valuable tool for those already inside the medical community to stay knowledgeable on the continually evolving health information necessary to protect communities and save lives.

African American male nurse
Mother Holding Baby Finger

Providing medical informational training in rural communties to those who deliver babies. 

Together we can bring access to vital medical aid and information those deprived of this necessity