Learn Kernel Markets

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The 5 Focus Markets

Learn Kernel™ tablet-like device focuses on 5 areas. To learn more about each area, click the icon to learn more about each individual market space. 

EduCARE™  is designed to educate the millions of young people for whom the school is not a foregone conclusion. 

AgriTECH™ provides helpful agricultural information to farming communities and families, improving their overall production and profit.

MedLINK™ provides healthcare professionals with access to up-to-date medical information and training so that they can stay knowledgeable on evolving data, assist the vulnerable, and improve overall public health.

BizLINK™offers an introduction to fundamental aspects of business knowledge to help employers and employees get the most out of their professional life and further develop their business skills.

InfoGOV™ helps to facilitate the necessary communication of local governments with their citizens.