Learn Kernel Goals

The Learn Kernel mission ...

is to promote learning and access to information throughout the world to those who desperately need it.

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How We Were Developed ...

Learn Kernel™ was developed when Potter Development saw the impact of the educational divide during COVID-19. With schools shut down, many kids in rural and impoverished areas worldwide were unable to go to school online and obtain the essential education required for their futures. Learn Kernel's mission is to close the gap concerning the educational divide using our offline device for equal education to those worldwide.




Our Start in Africa

Africa faces a need for structured education in many villages, this is especially true as COVID-19 has closed many schools. Children worldwide have an average loss of 74 school days due to closures and a lack of access to remote learning (GP). These closures have run parallel to a noticeable uptick in teen pregnancy rates throughout Africa. This correlation is likely not a coincidence, since the risk of teen pregnancy is exasperated as coordinated programs and positive education activities are reduced. Additionally, COVID-19 restrictions have made it difficult to access contraception, family planning services, and sexual health information.

Nearly 222 million children were out of school worldwide as of February 18th, 2021 (GP). Much of the world lacks comprehensive sex education in schools and insufficient funding for reproductive health services. These factors contribute to high rates of teen pregnancy. Research done in Kenya shows that 15% of girls aged 15-19 have already given birth.

With these factors in mind, Learn Kernel seeks to provide viable learning that can help bring structured education to the lives of young people of Africa. Learn Kernel can be used as a sexual and reproductive health learning tool that offers a comprehensive sex education curriculum from the respective schools' administered content.  

Learn Kernel is Closely Aligned with the UN's 2030 Sustainability goals.

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Nearly 222 million children were out of school worldwide as of February 18th, 2021 (GP).