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InfoGOV™ helps bridge communication gaps between governments and their citizens in regions where information sharing is difficult. Using IntelGOV can help communities, businesses, and residents stay informed in matters relevant to their daily lives. Benefits of improved government to citizen communication include everything from greater civic involvement to increased safety during an emergency. This device has trackable analytics, chapter control, and remote alerts.


Essential Civic Communication

The majority of East Africa's population lives in rural or remote areas. This is a region that contains multiple nationalities and languages, with citizens at various levels of education and exposure. These variables together create a variety of communication challenges, especially between governments and citizens.

This gap can often lead to discrepancies in public expectations regarding important political, economic, or safety matters. And while East Africa is still largely rural, it is also one of the fastest-growing economic blocs in the world. So while the communication challenges are great, the need is perhaps greater. IntelGOV facilitates access to information, creating a direct line between governments and citizens where there once was none. 

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To Increase Country Development

Together we can create a vital link between governments and citizens.