young female honduras school children using the Learn Kernel for education


EduCARE™ is a tablet-like device designed to be easily distributed to communities worldwide. The EduCARE focus aims to provide educational access to millions of children for whom the school is not a foregone conclusion. EduCARE democratizes information so that families do not have to decide between helping with the family business or an education for their children. The EduCARE series emphasizes a functional portfolio design, does not require internet access, and can be solar recharged.

Educational Tools

A New Form of Education

While there are concentrated efforts to increase internet access globally,  the internet is still not widely available in many areas of the world. Learn Kernel was developed to help bridge this gap. Various regions throughout Africa, and the Middle East do not have the infrastructure needed to facilitate widespread internet connectivity.

This is especially felt in educational settings, where African communities are not receiving the same privileges of information that other communities have long depended on.  Learn Kernel is a technology-enabled solution to this discrepancy. As an imported technology, it is designed to function effortlessly in any educational environment, regardless of local challenges.

young asian ethnicty child using the learn kernel on the grass

Educating students in over 10 countries 

Often, the potential operational difficulties of information and communication technology are held up as evidence that this gap in information access cannot or should not be bridged. The Learn Kernel team believes these challenges should be explored and solved rather than dismissed. Learn Kernel works with the specific and often challenging circumstances of each unique community so that the planning and implementation of education technology initiatives can generate long-term success.

two teachers uploading information to the learn kernel device
male children learning information from the learn kernel device
picture of children in a classroom using the learn kernels
founder explaining the learn kernel to a couple of youth NGO volunteers
female child in pink dress learning from the learn kernel
young males learning Spanish on the learn kernel
picture of young Hispanic children using the learn kernel
picture of female learn kernel member with NGO volunteers
picture of two small boys using the learn kernel
picture of Hispanic school children using the learn kernel for education

Together we can make education accessible to all.