Learn Kernel Devices

Learn about the types of devices Learn Kernel has for your organization. 

The Navigator Series 

The navigator series is a selection of mobile devices that work without the need for internet access. With on-the-go messaging and obtainable transfer of crucial information, the navigator series is popular among many parts of the world. 

The Navigator series is our button function device that comes with pause/play and chapter control.

Popular areas for the navigator to be used are in the educational systems, Agriculture industries, and other areas where disseminating multi-step information is crucial to yield success.

Learn Kernel Standard Navigator PNG[49108].png

The Cruise Series

The cruise series is a selection of our mobile devices used to disseminate quick and crucial information in a short amount of time. 

While the cruise contains the on-the-go feature quality the navigator series has it comes without the needed button functions: pause/play/ chapter control and rewind. The Cruise is developed for information that needs (on average) 5 minutes of playtime or less. 

Popular areas for the Cruise Series pertain to medical guidelines such as w.a.s.h. and important governmental information. 

What the Philippines Say: 

“Learn Kernel has allowed for community sustainability."

Elizabeth Lanning, CEO and founder, Project Propel

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