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Develop a Partnership 

Become a Learn Kernel Disturbor or Licensee 

Do I fit this role? 

In order to be a Learn Kernel partner, you need to already be an established distributor or licensee for one of the market focus: EduCARE™, AgriTECH™, MedLINK™, BizLINK™, or InfoGOV™.  

Therefore, you should already be selling to those in the designated market space and know which organizations Learn Kernels would be perfect to implement.  

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How Develop a Partnership Works

Learn Kernel is looking for key individuals or organizations who are already a distributor or potential licensees of another product(s) within the 5 market areas: EduCARE™, AgriTECH™, MedLINK™, BizLINK™, or InfoGOV™. The products already being disrupted may be similar to the mobile device tablet-like device of Learn Kernel or the products you are distributing may be complementary products. i.e., distributing textbooks would complement the distribution of Learn Kernel well in the EduCARE market. 

As a distributor, you will be responsible for securing your Learn Kernels into your markets or into new markets. This is done by having an inventory of Learn Kernels as you do with other products and selling the Learn Kernels out of your inventory. In this case, your Learn Kernels will be given to you at cost and then you may take the profit for the retail price of distributing. There may be some individuals that do not have the bandwidth to sell Learn Kernels upon their own inventory. If this speaks to you then Learn Kernel may work with you on a contractual level such as a commission or affiliate program would. In either case, you similar to a franchise owner will need to adhere to all of the Learn Kernel branding and manufacturing as promotional and manufacturing of the Learn Kernels will come from headquarters. 

As a licensee, you would have an interest in going out and building markets just as a distributor for Learn Kernel; however, you will have a part of the market that is yours or is shared with other like individuals. As a licensee, you would have a set purchase for your rights to your own market space. In this market space, you will be tasked with taking on the selling of Learn Kernel in your region. This includes promotional and potential manufacturing.  Like the distributorship, there may be some individuals qualified for a licensee of Learn Kernel, but do not have the bandwidth to create a full licensee of Learn Kernel on their own. In this case Learn Kernel may work with you to provide a section still owned by Learn Kernel, but given to you as a territory to sell Learn Kernels in. This territory is yours to work; however, you do not own the territory and the manufacturing and promotional will come from Learn Kernel. Depending on the type of Learn Kernel Licensee you may be much like a franchise, owner, where you will need to adhere to the Learn Kernel branding.