Native African women washing dishes in pots with large water jugs


BizLINK™ is designed specifically for local business owners, entrepreneurs, or aspiring business owners to help them gain the skills necessary for their occupation. With greater access to information, small business owners can increase their knowledge and grow their business. The BizLINK series emphasizes a portfolio design and larger displays.



BizLINK teaches business professionals and business hopefuls about banking, saving, selling, and other fundamentals needed to develop and manage a small business. Throughout the world, especially in East Africa, community business owners struggle to maintain and grow small businesses due to a lack of information access. BizLINK is designed and engineered to give locals the resources they need to sustain themselves, their families, and their communities.

two middle eastern men discusing business in a field
Happy young indian Girls smiling

Women Leadership and Entrepreneurship in India 

Together we can help inform and create sustainable business models for countless communities.