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AgriTECH™ is a technology-based education tool designed to circulate helpful agricultural and farming information within communities that stand to directly benefit. The AgriTECH design allows for region-specific information sharing so that people can grow and sell their crops using methods specific to their environmental circumstances. The AgriTECH series includes a robust design, impact-resistant construction and does not require internet access.

About AgriTECH

Planting the Seeds of Knowledge

With a rapidly growing population, East Africa faces a disparity between population growth and food production. This scarcity of food leaves many of the children of the region malnourished. Agricultural development in East Africa is greatly needed. The majority of East Africans live in rural environments with very little regarding sustenance. Agricultural training and education is a viable way to create a sustainable future for millions of Africans. Information access generates community collaboration, and overtime can change the literal and figurative landscape in East Africa.

two african american men shaking hands in front of a farm field
 soil from agriculture farming

500 farmers crops saved from the fall army worm.

Together we can educate and inform the millions, dependent on agriculture to sustain life.